Makeup Must Have: Moisturizing Cream

Today we talking about make up especially make up must have!What do we mean with this?We mean every make up product that shouldn’t absolutely miss in your make up collection.We’re trying to make a list where you can find all the makeup items you need. So, which are these make up must have that you could not do without?

First we start with the basics. If there’s something you need to have a perfect right long lasting make up that is a moisturizing cream. Moisturizing is the first step for reaching not only freshness, brightness and softness to your skin but also  helping to consolidate he subsequent  of the second must have  (foundation). A proper Hydration will also help you to fight the signs of the age.An important thing you should know is that The moisturizer should be chosen properly according to your skin type, because using the wrong cream instead help the skin rebalancing it could worsen.In order to choose the right cream you should know something more about skin types.There are five skin types: check the closest features to yours.

Oily Skin Type: at the sight, oily skin looks shiny, oily, dehydrated and  The complexion of oily skin is off, graying. When you  touch it, the texture of oily skin is irregular and rough and It has often enlarged pores and tends to become red.The beauty products designed for oily skin contain specific ingredients, functional to the disorder. Therefore, an ideal cream for oily skin should  moisturize the surface skin layers. So choose a very light formula (especially gel) that will balance the excess of oiliness.

Dry Skin Type: this type of skin looks  at touch rough, inelastic, cracked and uneven texture. At the sight, dry skin is fragile, thin, scaly. It presents also a clear complexion and off, and the appearance of an overly dry skin looks unhealthy. The most negative feature is that dry skin show off premature skin aging phenomena, especially wrinkles.So, it’s very important to address to a very hydrating solution. It requires a cosmetic face intensive treatment is to increase the percentage of water in the more superficial epidermal layers, both deeply nourish the skin with softeners and nutrients.Choose products with a lot of nutrients like glycerin, honey and oils (coconut, almonds and so on..).

Normal Skin.Absolutely the best one because It does not present problems like the others do. Indeed  at the sight, this type of skin has a clear complexion and rosy.  To the touch, the normal skin is smooth and polished and from a physiological point of view, a normal skin has a good microcirculation, a fair degree of hydration and a balanced hydro-lipid filmSo a normal skin is luminous, transparent and has no imperfections.The best products for normal skin are designed to maintain as long as possible to the ideal characteristics of a skin “perfect “and “flawless”.  The ideal cream should contain Solar  protective filters. In addition, to prevent premature skin aging, it is suggested that sporadically applied on anti-aging skin products.

Combination Skin Type. Maybe the most problematic skin because present simultaneously characteristics similar to oily and dry skin: in some areas, this skin is oily and acne, while in others it is extremely dry and scaly.The composition of the hydrolipidic film of this type of skin is variable in different areas of the face and is affected by changes of season.mostly  the  critical points of this type of skin are the nose and forehead, which tend to have large pores and spots.the treatment for combination skin should be  extremely complex.So it’s very important to carefully choose the beauty products and moisturizing that , avoids further drying up of dry skin areas, and burdening too oily areas.

Sensitive Skin Type. This skin is  predisposed to react negatively to physical agents or chemical irritants so it’s susceptible to external aggressions.Sensitive skin is therefore  thin, flaky and easily irritating. It’s also often dry that’s’ why a sensitive skin is more prone to premature formation of wrinkles and other skin imperfections typical of photoaging.The cosmetic treatment to improve the appearance of this type of skin must be extremely gentle. The cosmetics should be chosen with care: avoid those aggressive, irritating and allergenic.  So choose a cream that is gentle softly, moisturizing, and emollients. After the choice of your favorite moisturizing cream you will be ready for the rest of your make up.

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