How To Style A Total White Look This Spring-Summer


In this post I will show you how to wear a total white look, with many outfits and fashion ideas.

If we think about a classy and chic color, as the black color could be, we absolutely should consider white color.

Being elegant but at the same time so bright, white color, and especially a total white look, will be perfect in summertime.

Total white is so glamorous and so trendy that would be perfect both night and day.

Even if it’s a pass partout combination, you must be careful to match it  and don’t make mistakes too.

First of all total white doesn’t mean bride, so avoid bulky or extravagant items or to combine this look with shoes or other white accessories.

Secondly you should choose different fabrics material  in order to make your look vibrant and not boring.

Last but not the least, whit this look you won’t get unnoticed, so if you want to hide something in your body that you don’t  like much you will risk to highlight it. Choose always the most  suitable look that stands out your strengths and your beauty.

It’s obviously that this amazing combination as well as will make you chic and trendy will let you be bright and will keep you cool during the warmest days.

This look will highlight furthermore your tanning and the color of your hair/ eyes.

You may play to combine always different outfit and have lots of fun on matching accessories in different colors.



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