How to prepare skin for a perfect tan

The sunny days are finally coming and it is time to prepare the skin for sun and good weather. The first sun, however, could be dangerous and cause burns and skin damages.

Before exposure to the sun, therefore, it is essential to prepare the skin in order to obtain a homogeneous and golden tan  without spoiling the elasticity of the skin.

What to do and what to avoid?

Follow our tips to prepare the  skin for the sun and for a perfect tan.

The skin should be prepared with care to avoid sunburn, erythema and sunspots.

Firstly Skin should be purified, exfoliated and released from dead cells stimulating  circulation. So, it’s really important to you find a suitable way for exfoliate your skin.Before any sun exposure, it is important to cleanse the skin from all the impurities. Exfoliating and eliminating dead cells is in fact the first and most important step to getting an effective and lasting tanning. A  scrub is the perfect solution to prepare your skin for sun exposure. for your face, choose a soft, non-abrasive texture that can release pores and purify the skin while on the body you can also choose  a scrub whit a most strong and purifying action. Wash and nourish your skin. wash thoroughly, using soothing and effective products at the same time, which intensify the cleansing action started with the scrub.



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Secondly, hydration.Skin hydration begins from the inside. To prevent skin dryness during sun exposure, it’s  very important to remember of drinking  about 2 liters of water a day before you leave for the holidays (you should have the habit of drinkin’ two liters of water every day to maintain a perfect level of hydration). So drinking water helps to hydrate your skin and helps it look better.
Water plays important functions for health and well-being, and hydrates tissues and skin, preventing dryness and dryness. When it is very hot and it sucks so much you can drink water supplements that compensate for the loss of mineral salts.Hydration outside: it means  “moisturize your skin”. You should choose a fluid moisturizer to protect your skin from external aggression and nourish it deeply, ensuring the right hydration, which is essential if you want to prepare the skin best in the sun. If you do not like the texture of the cream, you can also replace it with a summer nourishing oil.  About your face and what we have told you above,  thanks to the previous exfoliation  and his action to open  face pores, the skin will be more receptive to the benefits of a moisturizing mask., We can also recommend after exfoliation as an extra treatment,  a  cream mask with detox properties that will make your skin soft and bright, ready to enjoy the best of the sun’s rays.Following the mask, choose a right moisturizer that is appropriate to the main  characteristics of your skin. To keep your skin tanned smoothly, it needs to be nourished in depth. Apply daily a body cream to moisturize the epidermis. Your tanning will be so homogeneous.

Thirdly, in order to avoid damage  due to an intense solar exposure, we have prepared a list of beauty products and some food habits that will help you to acquire a correct and natural golden color. Prepare your skin to summer tanks means acting in time, choosing a nutrition that provides us with all the necessary substances both to keep it healthy and to stimulate the natural production of melanin (the main substance that allow us to take tan).Betacarotene is a well-known supplement and used to prepare skin for exposure to the sun. By incorporating into the daily diet foods high in vitamins A, C, and E, it favors the production of melanin. To prepare the skin in the sun and stimulate tanning, take care of vitamins rich in Beta-Carotene and Zinc that contribute to skin protection and are rich in antioxidants that help to protect cells from stress resulting from exposure to the sun .Further the products we can buy in herbalist, it is good to remember that we can enrich our nutrition naturally thanks to carrots that naturally contain beta-carotene.

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In the end we should remember that it’s really important to avoid sun without protection. Protect the skin from the sun it is a fundamental step for a healthy and lasting tanning. In the actual exposure phase it is good to intensify treatment, ensuring the right hydration and protection. a sunscreen with UV protection is essential to protect the skin and prevent burns and erythema.  And it also can allow you to reach  quicker and more durable tan.To prepare your skin for long days in the sea or in the mountains, you may start with gradual exposures of just a few minutes a day before you go on holiday, protecting your skin with products that suit your complexion. In this way you will gradually become accustomed to exposure to the sun, hoping to avoid sunburn.  That’s all! Here you may find some product that will help you to be tan and beautiful.


you can find here: 1;  2;  3;  4;  5;  6


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